Hi, my name is Akiko; I'm from Hokkaido, Japan. I've been a potter in Seattle since 1991.

My pottery is all handmade -- wheel thrown or slab built -- of stoneware clay. It is fired in electric kilns at about 2110°F.

Most of my pottery is tableware for traditional and new menus, and for international food--because I like to cook and eat as much as to make pottery.

I make pottery dishes for everyone, for everyday use and in restaurants. You can see my pottery in these restaurants:





Also at

And in these shops:

It has also been featured in magazines published locally and nationally, from Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met to Gourmet, Bon Appetit and Food and Wine.

I accept orders of any size--small or large--and am happy to serve as your wedding registry.

Although all pottery is breakable, my pottery dishes are safe for food, dishwashers, and ovens. Some of my pottery has Japanese characters inscribed on it.

My studio is in South Seattle around the "Top Hat" neighborhood, just north of Burien. You can visit my showroom when I have an open house or you can visit me at my booth when I set up at exhibitions around Seattle. My show room is at 10847 3rd Ave. S., Seattle, Washington.

Please call me with any questions you have. You may place an order by calling me at 206-763-3108, or e-mailing me at akiko@akikospottery.com.

I hope you enjoy my pottery!

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